Whole Body Inspection System

Whole Body Inspection System


NUCTECH USA™ HT2000GA/GB is a high-performance, efficient people screening solution designed and made byNUCTECH USA™.  It employs the latest low-dose X-ray transmission imaging technology with an open tunnel walk-through design.  The HT2000GA/GB conducts a non-contact head-to-toe inspection and finds threats hidden on and within the human body.

TheNUCTECH USA™ HT2000GA/GB provides high-quality images and state-of-the-art processing software.  It detects metallic and non-metallic weapons, drugs, explosives, liquid, jewelry, electronic devices and other forms of contraband.

TheNUCTECH USA™ HT2000GA/GB is an effective safety and security tool for a wide variety of applications, including corrections facilities, law enforcement, transportation security, public buildings and special events.


Technical Features

  • Non-contact head-to-toe inspection in under 7 seconds
  • Weight is 1,433 lbs.
  • No special motion required; identifies threats hidden on and within the body with only one scan
  • Provides high resolution and real time images
  • Practical software that provides image processing, database management, user management and training functions; LAN and WAN compatible enabling remote inspection, portable monitor and centralized management
  • Superior inspection capability that easily detects contraband concealed under clothing, ingested or concealed within body cavities.  Finds everything including metallic and non-metallic weapons, explosives, drugs, smuggled goods, mobile phones, jewelry, gems and precious metals and more
  • Radiation safety with low-dose levels that comply with IAEA and ANSI N43.17.  Lowest dose levels comply with the standards established by the Health and Physics Society for general screening of the public using transmission X-rays.
  • Convenient maintenance with a modular design that allows for easy installation and maintenance



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