Riot Shield

Riot Shield

Model: ARS-2036ES/ WS with strobe
ARS-2448ES/WS with strobe

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  • Use in corrections and law enforcement
  • Concave design
  • Designed for crowd and riot control within close proximity of rioters
  • Recessed copper conductive stripping for maximum conductivity and durability
  • Electrodes embedded in the face of the shield
  • Copper stripping embedded into the face of the shield
  • Made of high-impact, non-ballistic, Lexan polycarbonate
  • Single-double-throw rocker switch for the strobe or electric discharge
  • One sturdy aluminum handle with foam rubber grips
  • Custom decals available (Sheriff, Police, DOC, Corrections, Policia, etc.)
  • Visual electrical discharge across copper stripping
  • Available with or without strobe


Inner and Outer Shield

  • Available sizes: 20”(609mm) x 36”(914mm) and 24”(609mm) x 48”(1219mm)
  • Constructed of high-impact, non-ballistic, Lexan polycarbonate
  • Insulated foam rubber to conceal wires and cover custom decal
  • All components are mounted on insulated rubber washers and foam
  • Two sturdy aluminum handles
  • Single-double-rocker switch with safety cover
  • 6.5 lbs. without strobe, 7.8 lbs. with strobe
  • High-output blinking strobe; causes disorientation, discourages further aggression
  • One-year warranty

Stun Module

  • Rechargeable (NI-Mh) units
  • High-impact plastic case
  • Output: 50KV, 0.4 amps in 8-second intervals
  • Electrodes are arranged within an insulated tube; “No Open Spark Gap”
  • Timed-out electrical characteristics
  • Single-pole, double-throw switch that operates the electric discharge

Receiver Module

  • High-impact plastic case
  • Power; on/off key set
  • Battery status indicator
  • FCC approved (Part 15); each receiver and transmitter is married to its own individual signal
  • Effective range up to 300 feet from transmitter


  • High-impact plastic case
  • High-output blinking strobe
  • Activated separately from the stun module
  • Higher frequency provided for safety


REACT® Stun Shield Batteries (Rechargeable)  Part Number:  ASB-0033


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