Millimeter-Wave Body Inspection System

Millimeter-Wave Body Inspection System

NUCTECHTM MW1000AA is a high-performance, efficient body inspection solution designed and made by NUCTECHTM. It employs safe active millimeter-wave imaging and the advanced automatic detection technology. The NUCTECHTM MW1000AA is a perfect substitute for the “metal-door” and provides inspection with automatic detection for concealed objects without physical “pat down”. The NUCTECHTM MW1000AA can easily detect non-metal/metal weapons, explosives, drugs and liquid hidden under or within clothing. The NUCTECHTMMW1000AA is adaptable and suitable for body inspections at all civil aviation, stations, borders, customs, government bureaus, military base, public places, schools, etc.


Technology features

  • Multi-modes of automatic detection
  • Walk-through
  • Unique privacy protection
  • High throughput
  • Compact and adaptable for field installation
  • Remote/mobile monitoring
  • Centralized inspection
  • The core technologies for the system are owned by NUCTECHTM


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