CX6040BI X-Ray Inspection System

CX6040BI X-Ray Inspection System

The NUCTECH USA™ CX6040BI is an advanced dual-energy X-ray inspection system, widely installed at airports, mass transit stations, critical infrastructures, post offices, and big events around the world. Coming from the best proven CX series products platform and featuring unsuppressed image performance, ergonomic user interface, advanced imaging enhancing algorithms, powerful functions and network applications, and high reliability and safety, the CX6040BI is perfectly suitable for all security and customs applications.


Technical Specifications

  • World-leading image quality with high wire resolution of 38AWG and steel penetration up to 30mm
  • Explosives and narcotics detections and alarms according to the atomic number signatures
  • TIP (Threat Image Projection) ready X-ray system, providing a practical solution for operator performance monitoring and training, as well as reducing the probability of threat misses effectively
  • X-ray leakage around the equipment is close to natural background level, complying with all international safety and health standards
  • Ergonomic keyboard and user interface design ensures the efficiency and professionalism of baggage screening operation
  • High reliable operating and data storage safety are guaranteed by applications of industrial computer, embedded system, and data access strategy and configurations
  • Optimized concept of operations, centralized image identify and storage capability implemented by various network applications
  • Modular design and constructions, combined with full built-in diagnostic facilities, make the system maintenance more economic and efficient



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