CX100100TI X-Ray Inspection System

CX100100TI X-Ray Inspection System

CX100100TI X-ray Inspection System, NUCTECH USA’s new generation product for inspection of luggage, baggage and small cargos, is an advanced dual-energy, X-ray security inspection system with tunnel dimensions of 1010mm wide and 1005mm heigh. It stands out with a more modern and ergonomic design for efficient and professional X-ray screening. It is perfectly suitable for baggage inspection in airports, railway stations, customs, ports, stadiums, etc.

The CX100100TI combined with unsurpassed operation ergonomics, reliability and safety can provide excellent image quality and advanced material classification. CX100100TI can also be adjusted with enhanced options to meet situations that require higher image quality. CX100100TI offers explosive and drug auto detection as an optional feature.


Technical Specifications

  • High image quality with wire resolution of 38 AWG and steel penetration up to 30mm steel
  • X-ray leakage around the equipment is close to natural background level, which meets all published international health and safety standards and ensures the radiation safety of operators as well as the public
  • Automatic detection and alarm of explosives and drugs
  • TIP(Threat Image Projection) provides a practical solution for operator performance, monitoring and training
  • Supports stepwise, continuous and magnifier functions to enlarge images
  • Images can be saved as general image formats, such as BMP, JPG, GIF and TIFF, and can be transferred to USB storage devices
  • Ergonomic keyboard and user interface design ensures the efficiency and professionalism of the X-ray screening operation
  • Modular design and construction combined with full built-in diagnostic facility guarantees the efficiency of equipment maintenance


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