Capture Shield

Capture Shield


Designed for high-risk inmate transport and custody control.

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The proprietary advanced electroshock (ES) defense shield technology is a cost-effective method for deterring violent actions in individual or crowd situations. Developed specifically for law enforcement and corrections use, the advanced electroshock (ES) defense shield offers dependable protection to officers and civilians alike while minimizing liability and injury risk. Recessed copper stripping on the front of the electroshock (ES) defense shield, pulsed over four seconds, applies 50KV to the muscles of the body of anyone who comes in contact with it providing temporary incapacitation—a primary law enforcement objective. The shield is equally effective for safely dispersing unruly crowds. Whether in a prison cell, correctional facility, or public space, the electroshock (ES) defense shield gives officers a substantial deterrent to violent activity without sacrificing safety or individual rights.


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  • For use in jails, corrections and law enforcement
  • Convex design
  • Designed for trapping and controlling combative inmates or crowds
  • Recessed copper conductive stripping for maximum conductivity and durability
  • Electrodes embedded in the face of the shield
  • Copper stripping embedded in the face of the shield
  • Made of high-impact, non-ballistic, Lexan polycarbonate
  • Single-double-throw rocker switch for the strobe or electric discharge
  • Two sturdy aluminum handles with foam rubber grips
  • Custom decals available (Sheriff, Police, DOC, Corrections, Policia, etc.)
  • Visual electrical discharge across copper stripping


Inner and Outer Shield

  • Available sizes 20”(609mm) x 36”(914mm) and 24”(609mm) x 48”(1219mm)
  • Constructed of high-impact, non-ballistic, Lexan polycarbonate
  • Insulated foam rubber to conceal wires and cover custom decal
  • All components are mounted on insulated rubber washers and foam
  • Two sturdy aluminum handles
  • Single-double-throw rocker switch with safety cover
  • 6.5 lbs. without strobe, 7.8 lbs. with strobe
  • Optional high-output blinking strobe; causes disorientation and discourages further aggression
  • Optional high-definition pro-mounted camera for recording live action
  • One-year warranty


• Rechargeable, (NI-Mh) units
• High-impact plastic case
• Output; 50,000 volts, 0.004 amps in 8 second intervals
• Electrodes are arranged within an insulated tube; “No Open Spark Gap”
• Timed out electrical characteristics
• Single-pole, double-throw switch that operates the electric discharge


• High-impact plastic case
• High-output blinking strobe
• Activated separately from the stun module
• Higher frequency provided for safety


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