AOIXR – 5335C

AOIXR – 5335C

AOIXR-HP5335C is New Generation Series x ray baggage inspection system which offers high performance threat detection. With a tunnel opening size of 21.88″ x 13.97″, can accommodate small parcel and baggage sizes for hotels, events, shopping malls and more. The AOIXR-HP5335C ‘s innovative design with double symmetrical swing door for easy maintenance and operator safety protection. In addition, the advanced 7 color imaging technology enables operators to view screened objects in 7 colors, which help to identify the potential objects effectively. 

The 5335 dual-energy detection provides material discrimination alert so that screeners can identify the material composition of the scanned object.

Detection of explosives and narcotics alert

AOIXR-HP5335C is designed to assist operators in the detection of a range of explosives and narcotics respectively in real time during scanning process by marking potential threat on X-ray images, according to the characteristics of explosives and drugs atomic number detection and alarm. 

Ease of use providing highest throughput

With over 13 image processing tools and detection alert algorithm functions, the feature rich software allows the operator to more easily and accurately search for contraband.



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General Specification 

Tunnel Size: 21.88″ (W) x 13.97″ (H)

Belt Speed: 0.23m/s (45ft/min) Forward

Conveyor Load: 364lbs (150 kg) Evenly Distributed Load 

X – Ray Generator 

Voltage: 140kv

Tube Current:  0.7mA

Cooling: Sealed Oil Bath with Forced Air 

Duty Cycle: 100%, No Warm-Up Procedure Required

Beam Direction: Diagonally Upward


Wire Detectability: 38 AWG

Spatial Resolution: 1.0 mm Horizintal, 1.0 mm Vertical 

Steel Penetration: 35mm Typical 

Film Safety: Guarantee ISO 1600 (33 DIN)


Processor: Intel® N3150

Memory: 4 GB RAM

Storage: 1TB HDD

Platform: Windows® OS 


Display Type: Single 19″ LCD Color Monitors 

Display Resolution: 1280 x 1024; 24 bit pixel color

Working Environment

Operating Temperature: 32°F – 104° F

Storage Temperature: -4°F – 140°F

Humidity: Up to 95% Non – Condensing 

Power Requirements: 220VAC ± 10%, 50/60Hz, 10A Max

Optional Features:

• 24” LCD Monitor
• Special Keyboard
• Multi-Angle Camera
• Protective Cover
• Supervisor Monitor Platform
• Entry / Exit Roller Tables, 0.5 m increment
• Backup: Uninterrupted Power Supply (20 min)

Health and Safety

• Compliant with National Radiation Safety Standards for Cabinet X-Ray Systems.
• Typical Radiation leakage is less than 0.1 mR / hr (U.S Federal Limit: <0.5mR / hr)


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