The AOIXR-100X100B provides an easy Loading conveyor and large tunnel for screening of large parcels and Small Cargo. With a low conveyor and higher tunnel opening, AOIRX-100X100B is designed for easy loading and unloading of small cargo and large parcels. AOIXR-8065 can accommodate a range of small cargo and parcel sizes for many different scenarios. AOIXR-8065 with dual energy X-Ray inspection provides operators with extremely detailed, more revealing images, enhanced detection capabilities and a very low cost of ownership. With a tunnel opening of 40 inches by 40 inches (1Mx1M) the AOIXR-100X100B is the ideal solution for critical infrastructures, transportation and border operations where screening of small cargo and large parcels is required. Advanced OPS International inspection system employ innovative new feature sets to deliver exceptional threat detection capabilities. Through an advanced ergonomic interface, operators can manipulate and enhance scanned images in a variety of ways to better pinpoint and evaluate potential threats. The overall threat detection process is enhanced automatically, by a suite of software guided tools and feature sets, including extended, configurable threat libraries.

Product Highlights
• Icon driven GUI
• Dual Monitor
• Special Key Board
• Threat Alert and Material Classification
• Automatic Risk Assessment
• Digital Picture of Scanned Objects
• One-touch, Instant View Last Five Bags
• Pseudo Density Layering
• Multilingual Operations
• Auto Archiving
• Network-Ready
• Eagle Eye
• Optional Multi-Touch Screen

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• Dual 19” Flat Screen Monitor
• View Previous/Next Bag
• Network Ready
• Automatic Built in Self-Diagnostics
• Baggage counter- One Touch Button of Last 5 bags
• Automatic Image Archiving
• Manual Image Archiving
• Operator Training Image Library.
• Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)


• Eagle Eye: “Super Image Enhancement”
• Image Edge Enhancement (IEE)
• Black & White and Inverse Video
• Variable Contrast Control
• Digital Zoom
• Dynamic Pseudo Layering
• Organic/Inorganic Stripping
• Automatic High Density
• HD and VHD enhancement
• Low Penetration

Options and Accessories

• Network Display station
• Auto-Detection of Precious Metals Such as Gold and Platinum
• Extended Roller Tables: .5M-1M in length
• Extended Shrouds
• Pressure Sensitive Mat
• Multi-Touch Screen
• Computer Based Training Program
• Power Conditioner
• Operator Pedestal
• Remote Workstation
• Printer Kit
• Foot-Mat
• Operator Training Program

Physical Specifications

Dimensions: Length (L): 143.4” (3644 mm), Width (W): 50.9” (1295 mm), Height (H): 75.6” (1922 mm)

Conveyor height:
13.46” (342 mm) from floor

Tunnel size: 40” X 40” (1M x 1M)

Conveyor speed: 44’/min. (0.22 m/s) variable speed, bi-directional

Conveyor load: 441 lbs. (200 kg) max. evenly distributed

Approx. weight: Net. 2094 lbs. (950 kg) W/O Roller Beds

System power: 110 VAC (60HZ)-240 VAC (±10%) 50±3HZ

Mechanical Construction: Steel Construction

X-Ray Generator and Image Performance

Generator: Dual Energy Detection, Operating at 160KV (adjustable)
B/W and Color

Generator Cooling: Sealed Oil Bath with Forced Air.

Duty cycle: 100%

Orientation: Vertically Downward

Tube Current: 0.4~0.5 MA (adjustable)

Detectors: Dual Energy Silicone Photo Diodes for Color Coding and Material Classification.

Wire Resolution: 38 AWG Guaranteed; 40AWG Typical

Material separation: Low Z, Medium Z, High Z

Steel Penetration: 32MM Guaranteed; 35mm Typical

Mechanical Construction: Steel Construction

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature: 32˚ to 113˚F (0 to 45°C)

Storage Temperature: -4˚ to 122˚F (-20˚to 50°C)

Relative humidity:5 to 95% Non-Condensing

X-Ray Leakage: Meets All Applicable Laws and Regulations with Respect to Cabinet X-ray Emitting Devices.


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