Custody Mattress Scanner

Custody Mattress Scanner

The AOI 9115CMS Custody Mattress Scanner is an auto conveying metal detector system that can detect metallic contraband hidden inside the inmates’ mattress; metallic materials include, for example: institution made shank, cell phones, tattoo gun, etc. Scans can penetrate the mattress body up to 6” inches (15Cm) thick and 36” wide (91CM). Automatic sensitivity adjustment and continuous scan.

The AOI-9115MS has the latest-generation in metallic scanning capabilities. The screening inspection system ca detect contraband in many different scenarios where there is higher risk of individuals attempting to conceal contraband materials inside their mattress.
Pat-downs are effective at finding items concealed on a person, but these methods are time-consuming and have heightened safety with respect to officer safety. AOI-9115CMS Custody Mattress Scanners:

• Help reduce the burden of manually searching for hidden contraband
• Eliminate the need for an additional baggage and parcel scanner
• Can detect metallic contraband that is hidden inside cell mattress or pillow
• Continuous scan with area detection lighting
• Eliminate short- or long-term radiation risks to subjects and operators alike
• Reduce cost while providing enhanced scrutiny

How it Works
The AOI-9115CMS metal detectors are based on pulse induction (PI). The use of a coil wire on the bottom side of the arch as the transmitter and receiver located in the arch. If a metal object passes through the metal detector, the pulse creates an opposite magnetic field in the object. This sends an alert to the system monitor and provides an audible and visual alarm. The light bar located in the center of the auto-conveyor provides a precise location of the metallic contraband.

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Model and Name: AOI-9115CMS- Custody Mattress Scanner

Pulse Induction

Size Class:

Dimensions: External dimensions: L 76.8” (1950mm) x W 82.6” (1168mm) x H 47.3” (1200mm)
Passage way dimensions: L 76.8” (1950mm) x W 36.00” (914mm) × H 6.0” (0.23 mm)

Weight: 143 lbs. (65 kgs)

Detect Metals: Yes

Detect Non-Metals:

Size of Detected Objects:
Sensitivity equivalent of a steel ball size- 0.0393” (1mm)- 0.0787” (2.0mm) adjustable sensitivity

Scan Rate:
Time-per-inspection 3.5s-6.0s continuous

Penetration Depth:
Through the mattress 6” 0.23mm

Spatial Resolution: Distinguished resolution is less than 0.039” (1mm)

Info View:
Full body image/baggage and parcels

Image Visualization:
Real-time or scroll type

Power: 100/240 VAC 50/60 Hz

1+ Year


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