Riot Helmet by Advanced OPS International

Riot Helmet by Advanced OPS International

This helmet offers not only great protection but also great customization with its multiple design features.  The shell, liner, sizing pad system, retention system, tactical face shield, tactical neck protector and finish all allow for this product to be adjusted to an individual’s specific needs and demands.  Optional accessories are also available that can even further customize this product. 

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SHELL – Half coverage shell, constructed from high impact injection molded polycarbonate. Durable finish trim has a steel core and neoprene rubber exterior. Will accept shield system. Available in SMALL/MEDIUM (6 ½”-7 3/8”), LARGE/EXTRA LARGE (7 ½”-7 ¾”), JUMBO (7 7/8“– 8 ¼”).

LINER – Made from expanded polystyrene specialty bead that meets helmet safety standards and provides maximum impact energy attenuation. Liner is fit with an ABS cap for easy cleaning and liner protection. The sizing pads offer maximum ventilation and create optimum comfort.

SIZING PAD SYSTEM – The sizing pad system is attached to the EPS liner/ABS Cap using velcro for easy removal, cleaning, adjustment, or replacement. This system maintains the lift of the helmet from the head to assure comfort, suspension, and ventilation. Combo fit pads are made of black nylon terry and foam; easy to clean or replace. Full range of sizes from extra small to jumbo; pads come in 1/4”, 3/8”, and 5/8” thicknesses. Fast, easy adjustment for proper fit and comfort. 7/8” and 1/8” thicknesses are also available on special order to accommodate smaller or larger head sizes.

RETENTION SYSTEM – Comfortable, secure harness system. Chin strap is made of 3/4″ black polypropylene webbing and bar tacked in all critical areas. Equipped with all-metal working parts and quick release buckle for easy entrance and exit from the helmet, even when wearing gloves. Also includes a soft, flexible chin cup for a completely adjustable safety strap system.

TACTICAL FACE SHIELD – Equipped with a .125 (3mm) thick flip-up polycarbonate shield of optical grade. Liquid sealed and designed to prevent passage of liquids from the helmet dome or shield surface into the interior of the shield when in the down position. The shield is installed with mounting blocks to the helmet. The thumb screws allow for easy adjustments to the desired position.

TACTICAL NECK PROTECTOR – An injection-molded neck protector is permanently attached to the shell to provide additional protection to the ear and neck area.

FINISH –Flat black or flat navy paint, with a non-abrasive protective clear coat.

OPTIONS/ACCESSORIES – 4mm tactical face shield with liquid seal – nape curtain – drawstring helmet bag – double zippered helmet bag – replacement CFP (combi fit-pad) suspension system – alternate FPS (fit pad and strip) suspension system – quick release buckle – protective face shield cover.

STANDARDS – Meets National Institute of Justice 0104.02 (RIOT) and 0105.01 (CRASH). Helmet and components are all manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.


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