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Monty Helmer


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Monty founded Advanced Ops International (AOI) in 2014 after a distinguished career in law enforcement and global security. As president and chief executive officer, he is responsible for setting the company’s strategic direction, identifying trends, issues and opportunities that affect AOI and its clients, and ensuring that the company remains faithful to its vision and mission.

Before founding AOI, Monty led Business Development-Americas for the early stage North American division of a leading manufacturer/installer of whole-body contraband screening systems. Prior to that, he was Director of Sales and the Southeast Regional Sales Manager for a supplier of less-lethal electronic restraint and control products. He also has in-depth experience with corporate asset protection and anti-terrorism security solutions for multi-national organizations. Early in his career, Monty was an active duty/reserve non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Army, as well as a police officer.

Serving as a security consultant across a broad range of private and public sector organizations, Monty has built a solid industry network among government agencies, law enforcement, correctional facilities, and transportation providers. He has been an invited speaker at numerous transportation industry conferences and in Homeland Security round table discussions about air cargo security screening best practices.

Monty holds an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice degree and has completed extensive sales and security industry training.

You can reach Monty at or 770.334.8187.