Let us solve your security challenges

Let us solve your security challenges

Global security is a sensitive business. That’s why clients usually prefer that firms like ours keep a low profile. The problem with ‘flying under the radar’ is that so often, those who really need our services are not aware of us. Being the best-kept secret has its limitations, so we’d like to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves.

Advanced OPS International manufactures and supplies innovative scanning and less-lethal control solutions for more than 6,000 global private industry, law enforcement, military, and correctional institution clients. Our products and services range from sophisticated X-ray and scanning technology to Remote Activated Control Technology (REACT) and Conducted Energy Devices (CED), as well as training and system integration services.

We recently introduced a new proprietary stun circuit design in all our less-lethal products. This technology is more safe and reliable than “open spark gap” technology used by other companies, and will be incorporated into all the Advanced OPS products.

My team and I are highly experienced in multiple fields of security, law enforcement, military, and corrections, with domestic and international expertise. More important: we listen to you, design products that meet your needs and exceed your expectations, and support you 24/7.

I encourage you to check out our web site, where you will find detailed information about our mission and vision, our products and services, and more. We look forward to solving your security challenges.

Monty Helmer

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