Law Enforcement

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Tactical and less-lethal reinforcement solutions

prisonLaw enforcement agencies are expected to solve more crimes with lower budgets and fewer officers more and more everyday. Our dedicated Law Enforcement Division is staffed with professionals who understand the challenges officers today face.

We partner with more than 4,000 law enforcement agencies globally to help capture and secure criminals and protect communities. Our extensive line of tactical and less-lethal reinforcement solutions give officers alternatives between ‘shouting and shooting’ while reducing the risk of fatalities and permanent injury to themselves, judicial support staff, defendants and innocent bystanders.

Our law enforcement and correctional facilities portfolio includes a wide variety of solutions that limit conflict escalation. These are ideal for situations where using lethal force is undesirable, where rules of engagement require minimum casualties, or where policy restricts the use of conventional force.

Our product solutions also includes:

•  Remote Electronically Activated Control Technology (REACT®) belts, shields, and vests
•  Body armor & riot control equipment
•  People-screening: whole body contraband detection systems and walk-through metal detectors
•  TAC-GEAR custom solutions

Our goal is to give officers an effective way to arrest or restrain individuals with little or no resistance, maximum safety, and minimal collateral involvement.

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