Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure 2018-02-27T16:16:36+00:00

Minimizing threats, risk, and disruptions

Government facilities, data centers, nuclear power plants, water supplies, corporate headquarters, consulates and embassies…high-profile, high-risk locations that are vulnerable to extreme threats. Disruptions can result in catastrophic loss of life, adverse economic effects and significant harm to public confidence. Preventing unwanted access to critical infrastructure is imperative.

We offer a wide range of scanning solutions, including AOI X-Ray Scanners with diverse capabilities, designed to make threat detection user-friendly and effective. We have models that are specifically designed for envelope and small-parcel scanning, as well as, units that can scan larger items on pallets.

Our product solutions also includes:

• Body scanners (stationary, mobile and handheld)
• Walk-through metal detectors
• Handheld metal detectors

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