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Advanced OPS International is a privately-held company with a history in the development, manufacturing and distribution of less-lethal products that are used worldwide by law enforcement, military, penal institutions and the professional security market. Advanced OPS International supplies proprietary technology to control dangerous, combative or high-risk subjects who pose a risk to law enforcement/correctional officers, innocent citizens, or themselves, in a manner that is generally recognized as a safer alternative to other uses of force. “REACT®” technology protects life through the use of electronic restraint devices, which dramatically reduce injury to law enforcement officers, judicial support staff, and defendants. Advanced OPS International is a company founded with a commitment to innovative solutions which provide safe observation, protects the rights and safety of all persons and secures potentially violent or confrontational persons. We are committed to protecting life and liberty by providing proprietary, high-quality products and services that exceed customer expectations every time. Our manufacturing guarantees prompt delivery of products manufactured under stringent quality control standards to meet your global requirements. This continual improvement philosophy is the responsibility of our entire support staff.


Provide observation with the ability to protect all parties in a safe and secure legal environment.


  • Strengthen internal physical security
  • Deliver civil services
  • Perform with excellence
  • Focus on customer needs
  • Protect the safety of all persons


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